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Help young people on their path to education, personal growth, and social involvement.

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Building homes for families living in slums

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Providing equipment & seeds to help farmers growing more food.



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Providing a long-term solutions to families reeling from tragedy. Technology. Life Science

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From the childhood and up to the adult age each of us tries to discover something new, have deeper knowledge of various subjects and simply learn the world better, and that’s why we decided to offer assistance to local students based on their education.


We believe that all of us want to live meaningful lives, build better ones for our children, and take ownership of our futures and their communities. We believe the world needs more fearless approaches to social change, so we take risks on new ideas and approaches, and partner across sectors with people and organizations that share our fervor to engage citizens and change the world for the better, today.


Our mission to connect the technology community with all industries, both old and new to showcase the hottest technology trends  and innovations, test the latest inventions and machinery.

We are humanity foundation organisation

We specialize in organizing and holding seminars, conferences and other public speakings and events offering motivation lectures.

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